Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Total Bliss

NOTD: Finger Paints Blissfully Blue

A nice, light blue creme but I don't consider it a pastel. Opaque in one but I did two. Wears well, applies well. Kind of boring in a pretty kind of way. The reception I got was so-so. I guess this color did not "pop" on me. I think some konad or fauxnad would have made it work. This is a nice color but try before you buy if you can or if you know you like this shade of blue then I say get it.

Finger paints blissfully blue

finger paints blissfully blue

I tried it with Out The Door's Northern Lights Holographic top coat in silver.

finger pants blissfully blue w northern lights

Kind of makes me think of a robin's egg.



  1. It's a pretty colour but with the holographic top coat on it, it looks awesome! Really adds a little extra :)

  2. I think that is just an elegant color to begin with...when you add the holo really pops. Outstanding!!!

  3. Hey,
    I awarded you with a Sweet Blog Award!

    xx ♥

    (this polish is great, never seen blue eggs!)

  4. I love your blog name! This is the one color I slept on when it was available and now I totally regret not getting it. It's absolutely gorgeous on you!