Monday, February 22, 2010

Nfu-Oh Give Away

This one is really simple.

I'm giving away one bottle of Nfu-Oh because I simply don't like them & I will never use them so I don't want them (and my $$$) go to waste.

I will choose at random one person to send Nfu-Oh #56. It is a green glitter polish.

The rules (subject to change) are:
  • I will only ship via US Mail to a valid street or P.O. Box address in the continental US
  • If you want to be considered you must post a reply to this post
  • You must be a lacquerslacker follower (I may consider followers on Twitter or Facebook fans but right now it is just open to Blogger followers)
  • Offer ends 2/28/2010 midnight Pacific time since I am EDT
  • If there are no more blizzards on the East Coast, I will ship the 1st week of March.

This is an authentic Nfu-Oh product ordered from Affinity.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Milani 3D Holographic Lacquers

Before you even see the pictures, I LOVE THEM!!!! (in general LOL) I think you all will too and these go on my recommend list. If you can't get them all, at least buy one in your favorite shade.


I'm not a big fan of green so I'm not geeked over this green but if I had to have a green, this would be one option. I'm not partial to the gold either. The rest of the collection I will buy a 2nd bottle of each so that I will always have some on hand.

For the most part, they are true to bottle color and except where noted, the photos are pretty true to what the color looks like IRL. The holo effect is medium in my opinion but very nice. It is exceptionally pretty in the pink (mesmerizing) and the purple. The silver color is hypnotic. All colors are two coats, no top coat. The application was flawless on all, no streaks. You can see in some photos that they appear sheer-ish with flash, but I think they look good with one, two or three coats but two is more than enough.

I want to thank (and blame) Scrangie for my new additions. ;-) It was her review and swatches that got me to buy them. Maybe one day (crosses fingers *soon*) I will get samples from the vendor like some of the other polish bloggers get. *sends supplication to the polish gods for vendor samples* LOL

***Tongue-In-Cheek Disclaimer***
I pay for all polishes that I discuss. I do not receive any free polishes or samples for review from vendors. That are the Milani holos... purchased online from Sears because they are not yet available in any store that I've seen in the DC area.


This one is like a gold glitter holo. For those who like golds this one is for you. This photo is pretty true to color.


"Hi Tech"

A pretty green. I was trying to capture the essence but the color is lighter and less yellow than this picture, the shade is closer to the 2nd picture.



I love blue polish. This one is nice and looks exactly like (to me) China Glaze's "Kaleidoscope Him Out". I forgot to take a photo with the bottle, sorry.


"Hi Tech"

A sliver glittery holo. I like this one a lot. I like it because it is better than a glitter yet looks glittery.


Now, my faves of the collection:

"Hi Res"

This beautiful purple was so delicious that I SWORE I smelled grapes as I put this on. I love this color so much. It reminds me of a Nubar holo I have but that is another post & I like this one better.


Positively dreamy. Very feminine. I can't say enough about this one so I will let the pictures say it for me.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Coming Attractions

I'm planning posts on:
  • Nfu-Oh Holos Swatches and Review
  • Milani 3D Holographic Swatches and Review
  • Nubar Holographic Swatches and Review
  • Comparisons between Opi, Nubar, Milani and others
  • Nfu-Oh give away (near the end of the month)

Right now I'm doting on Klean Colors cremes/jellies. I really adore them. I refuse to buy Klean Colors Cobalt because it looks very much like a Sinful Colors that I have, but I know me and I will break down and buy it anyway.

I'm currently wearing Milani 3D Hi Res and I love it. I can tell that I will like all the Milani 3D colors. I'm partial to Nubar's holos too and I think Nubar wins by a hair. I have yet to earnestly dig into my China Glaze haul but the holos are looking mighty fine.

I've been experimenting with nail art and I purchased my first set of nail art brushes. I don't have a lot of time so I don't know when I'll use them but I'm looking forward to it.

My NOTD - Milani 3d Hi Res