Friday, June 11, 2010

I like my eggs Sunny Side Up

NOTD: Wet & Wild Sunny Side Up

As usual, another "I kept passing this color up" shade. See, I'd walk past the Wet & Wild display and this color would stand out and call out to me "get me! buy me!". I'd pick it up, tell it "you're pretty but I don't trust you" (LOL) and I'd put it back. Finally it called out to me again and I gave in. I'm so glad that I did.

I've seen the other blogs that show and tell polish types but I'm still a little clueless. This looks like a creamy jelly. ;-P I'm calling it a melon-ish orange. Reminds me of cantaloupe or mango. In fact it looks a little like the orange in the Blogger logo. LOL Once I applied this I was happily surprised. Kind of like I was with Blueberry Fizz. It is bright but not a neon. Again, the photo does no justice & it is not really "orange" IRL. Good application and wear, no chips. Two coats worked fine and it is so pretty. For .99c a good deal I say.

w&w sunny side up


  1. That polish looks fabulous on you. I swatched this myself and was so unimpressed, it got dumped so I could use the bottle for a franken of mine. It was just thick and there was cuticle drag and I just didn't get into it...however, if it would have looked half as nice on me as it does on you...I would change my mind. ;)

  2. Isn't it funny how nail polish will holler to ya? :) It happens to me all the time. I bought 6 of these new shades and that being one of them. The cap was opened some and it got all over everything before I got home. Everything cleaned up nice but of course it isn't full now. Will have to try it soon. I just did an orange day before yesterday though. I got mine buy 1 get 1. :)
    This color looks so good on you. I bet others noticed. :)
    Cuticle drag is where the polish looks bare or bald spots showing near the cuticle from brush strokes.
    Maybe Lacquer Ware will be back with a proper explanation. :)

  3. Yum! I have this one in my stash but it looks so juicy on your nails. Please start blogging again, if you have time!