Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm baaaaaack.... :-P

Well, I said I'd post my pics and wouldn't you know it, I couldn't get the pics off my camera, then when I could, my DSL went down at home. I was really committed to updating and keeping my word so I'm here at work slaving away. I have lots coming up for you. Some will be just NOTDs but I also have Milani Metals, Sally Hansen's spring colors that I liked, and whatever else I came across as I was pounding the pavement for polish.

There will be a giveaway in July and it will include more than just one polish. Stay tuned for that.

To my Nail Polish Fanatics over at "Stepford", I miss you guys but I'm not gone from there, I just don't post......yet. LOL Just call me the lead singer of da ...  

Hugs to: truequeen06, Lamaravilla, wheezy807, Cuteness, tropical-punch, SailorWifey, Tee, crlsweetie912, sweetcaramel, DayJoy, ElleB, Butterfly08, and I know I missed a lot of names so please forgive me but I have been keeping up with all the NF threads and themes..

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